Building your own brand with RAW&SILK

Building your own brandBuilding your own brand isn’t a easy thing to do. It’s a long term process that doesn’t just happen overnight, there is a lot that has to be accounted for and it can take up to a few months to get going. Since branding isn’t just a cool logo or well-placed ad, you have to go above and beyond in order to compete with big brands, their loyal customers and unlimited marketing budgets. The key to success is estabilishing a long-term relationships with your customers, which promptly will result in more projects, referrals, and of course a a steady increase in sales. It might seem overwhelming, and it certainly would be if you were to do it alone.

RAW&SILK is here to lend you a helping hand with building your own brand, and allow you to sell your merchandise from the comfort of your own home, which means enjoying the flexibility of the work and being able to dictate exactly when and where you work. We’re going to handle the production and shipping of your brands custom T-Shirts, Bags,Backpacks, Mousepads, Keychains, Patches, Hoodies, Casual and Sleeveless Shirts, Tanktops, Workwear, Accessories, Baby bibs, Kids clothing, Caps, Beanies and all other products. All you have to do is focus on promoting your clothing and products online, and since we want you to prosper we can help you even with that! A solid campaign can quickly turn your small business into a serious competitor on the market.

So how does building your own brand work? It’s quite simple. If you got a design that you believe will be popular with your targeted audience, then send a quotation to: [email protected] and introduce your design to us. Make sure to include details such as which products you’d like to feature in your campaign, be it personalized clothing like T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tanktops, Workwear, Baby bibs, Caps, Beanies or customized accessories, patches, backpacks, bags. You might need to do some research, but we can definitely help you with this. Quatations are free of charge and obligation, additionally we’ll try to make sure you’ll receive one within 2 office hours. The more detailed your submission, the more targeted the quotation.

So what’s there to lose? Take a moment to have a look around our website, get accustomed with our wide variety of custom apparel and explore the various functions of our advanced yet easy-to-use Product Designer. Get your brand out there and start making some serious profit together with RAW&SILK!