Design your custom apparel in 5 simple steps.

Everyone has that one old, stained, perhaps full of holes T-Shirt that we just can’t seem to throw out. People say that: “clothing defines who we are” and there is some truth to it. How we are dressed is the first thing people notice about us. Our clothing becomes a part of our identity, a uniquely designed custom T-Shirt is able to communicate a message to anyone who simply takes a peek at it. It’s time to get your killer ideas out there and design your own clothing. Thanks to our advanced online apparel designer, creating your very own custom apparel, Tanktops, Sweaters, Hoodies, Crewnecks,  Caps, Beanies, Jackets, Backpacks, Mousepads, Keychains and many more has never been easier!

1. The item you want to personalise

The first step to a succesful and unique custom design is identyfying and finding the right apparel. Take your time to look through our wide product range and pick out the one you like the most. Once you’ve found your personal favorite you’re ready to start customizing. Press the “Customize It” button and wait for the product designer to load in the assets.

Own design custom apparel

2. Uploading your own design

In order to upload your design, simply navigate to the left side of the screen, press the graphics button and select “Upload Design”. You’ll be able to drag and drop your file into the indicated zone or press on the cloud to manually choose the file from your file directory.  Once the upload is finished, your image will appear in the appropriate section below. Click on your image to transfer it onto the design area. You may resize it by dragging the icon in the corner of your design.

Custom clothing

3. Choosing stock artwork for your apparel print

Lacking inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! By selecting the “Browse Designs” option in the Graphics tab, you’ll be able to access our ever expanding artwork gallery. Once somethings caught your attention you may transfer it onto the design area by simply clicking on the icon. You can adjust the colours of the artwork by pressing on the eyesdropper tool in the menu above the design area.

own text on t-shirt

4. Adding text and changing fonts

Select the Text tool from the menu on the left side of the screen and shake up your design with some poetry. Here you can choose between “plain text” and “text art”. Pick a font you like and a text bubble will appear in the design area. Double click on the text to edit it. From this point on you can change it however you like by using the menu on top of the screen.  Try experimenting with the various tools and look for the perfect combination to go with your custom design.

5. Saving your custom designed clothing.

Press the “SAVE & GET PRICE” button on the bottom of the screen in order to save your awesome custom design and calculate the price of the print. A new window will pop up and you’ll be asked to choose the size of the piece and the quantity you wish to get a price for. The prices will change dynamically as you insert the amount you want to obtain of each size. After clicking on “ADD TO CART” you’ll be able to review your personalized goods or proceed to checkout.

This article was meant to guide you through your first steps in our advanced product designer and give you a better taste of what you’re able to create within it, be it a T-Shirt, Blouse, Backpack, Mousepad, Keychain, Jacket, Hoodie or Sweater. We highly encourage you to experiment with a variety of settings and combinations as we love seeing people come up with designs we would have never thought of. Let us know if you’ve found this guide useful and tell us what you’d like to see implemented in the product designer in the future.